• Image of Love at First Sight Necklace

This is my favorite necklace I've made to date, mostly because of the memories attached to it. This particular antler was found at the end of a very long cold rainy hike that was up to that point, a fruitless effort. Hours and hours of staring at the ground, bush whacking through the woods, post holing through the last bit of spring snow.....at a point you just have to realize you're not going to find anything and to just turn around and head back to the truck. It's a funny thing shed hunting. I walked countless miles that day and yet this antler was literally within eyesight of the vehicle. It was small, perfectly white....and made the whole day worth it.

One of a kind. Montana naturally shed antler sits between 30 beautiful reclaimed sand casted glass beads

Mid Length: 13" Chain, 2" Antler Tine

Photo of Free People Dress and Bison skull by Green Door Photography

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